Getting Dirty: What to Expect at Rob Deer Baseball Camps

In each city we offer a morning session for youth baseball players ages 7 up to 13. Depending on sign ups, we break down into groups of ten from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm each, then rotate the groups between soft toss, tee drills, fielding, base running, and the oft-forgotten aspect of the game, proper bunting!

With a four station set up, we start the morning with Rob addressing campers, taking questions, and then we break into our groups. Rob takes two groups to the cages, and other former Pro baseball players will take the other two groups to the field for fielding and base running. We constantly rotate groups so that all campers are kept moving and engaged. Most importantly, each individual camper has a lot of one on one time with Rob to perfect his or her swing.

The same approach is taken for the teen group (ages 13-17) in the afternoon session from 1:15 pm to 5:15 pm.

Rob Deer Baseball Camps are unique in that each consists of three four-hour sessions each emphasizing hitting technique with personal instruction from a man who not only played at the highest level for 11 years, but also taught hitting at the highest level. Rob Deer Baseball Camps are the only camps in America offering this exclusive value.
From the routine sacrifice to the push, suicide, safety and slash bunting is among the most underappreciated and under-practiced hitting art capable of increasing your team’s chances to score. Rob Deer Baseball Camps feature a number of different drills and games to teach technique and situational baseball recognition and analysis.
 Infield and outfield skill development is about more than digging out grounders and shagging pop-ups. From youth to adult learning to practice smarter and better improves defensive skill. Rob Deer Baseball Camps teach the quicker reactions, softer hands, and better positioning and communication necessary to making better baseball players.
When it comes to baserunning, situational diagnosis and response is a learnable skill but the fundamentals of proper technique are often under-emphasized in traditional baserunning drills. Rob Deer Baseball Camps teach both because the knowledge and ability to take an extra base could be the difference between winning and losing.